Intense Body Butter


Hey Beauties!

I just wanted to share with you real quick, one of best body butters that I have tried in a LONG time!

This is the Karite Shea Butter/Intense Body Balm from Compagnie de Provence.  I bought it in a small shop when I was out of town a few weekends ago.  What drew me in was the scent.  It isn’t your typical perfumey body lotion that you can find almost anywhere, but a more natural, yet intoxicating smell.  It comes with 6.8 fl oz, which will last you a good while.  A little goes a long way!

You can purchase it at for $48.  I’d say that’s a pretty good deal given that I paid over $60 for it at the shop.  Haha
It’s a little expensive for body lotion, but because it will last you for some time, the price isn’t too bad.  😀

❤ Stephanie

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