IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Redness

It cosmetics

Hey Beauties!!

Today I wanted to talk about this guy!  I received a sample from an Ulta Beauty purchase a while back and just threw it in a drawer.  Today I was in a hurry and decided to throw it on my face and go.

I couldn’t believe the results!!  I don’t have much redness to my face, just some here and there.  This covered up everything!  My whole face is one, uniform color!

The coverage is also pretty good for a CC cream.  I typically use a CC cream mixed with a dewy foundation regularly, but I think this has more coverage!  It also feel super lightweight!  I tried the shade, transforming neutral beige, which I think is a pretty good match!  They have 3 shades available, this one being the darkest.  That is definitely a downfall, since they only have shades for lighter skin tones.

You can get this for $32 on IT Cosmetics’ website or at Sephora.

I absolutely LOVE this!!  I may even use this to replace my current foundation routine!  And honestly, you don’t even need to have redness to use it!  It’s beautiful regardless!

❤ Stephanie

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