February Glossybox Unboxing

Hello Beauties!!

I am SO STOKED about my new beauty subscription box!
I received my first Glossybox yesterday and I couldn’t be happier!!  Glossybox is very similar to Boxycharm in my opinion.  You get mostly full-sized products and it also costs $21/month.

I first want to point out how freaking cute the packaging is!  I am obsessed with it 😀  I mean look at it!! ❤


It comes in a monthly themed box.  This month looks like a love letter theme for Valentine’s day.  When you first open it, you must untie a ribbon to get into the package.  There was a cute postcard and a small insert with all of the products and prices from your box.  The insert also has a teaser for next month’s box as well!  Another really cute touch is the themed tissue paper that holds all of your goodies within it!


The first thing I noticed in my box was these 2 items from John Masters Organics.  They are a body wash and body milk.  The smell is very natural, but not bad.  I’m excited to use these in my next shower.  For this size (2 oz.) they are $6.50 a piece.


I was pretty happy about this!!  It is a mud sheet mask.  I haven’t ever seen anything quite like this.  I have used mud masks and sheet masks, but nothing that was both.  This retails for $5 for the one mask.  I was able to use it already (I couldn’t wait) and I will have a review on it up tomorrow!


Next in the box was this vintage looking lip scrub!  It comes in a metal tube, which reminded me of the tubes that oil paints come in.  It has extract of fig and tastes a lot like a pop-tart!  This runs $14 for 0.63 oz.


This lovely item was not supposed to be in the box, I don’t think.  I believe this was part of last month’s box.  Maybe it was a special gift because it was my first box, or maybe it was an accident, or maybe they just threw it in there because there were extras?  Who knows!  Either way, I’m glad I got it!  I find it pretty interesting that it is a treatment eye shadow palette with antioxidants and collagen boosters.  As you can tell by the swatches, the metallics are pretty pigmented, but I can’t say the same thing for the matte shades.  They may perform better on the eyes.  Since this wasn’t really part of this box, I’m not sure what the price is on it.


Love this!!  It is a matte lip crayon from the brand Doucce.  I have used this brand before in past subscription boxes.  This is a beautiful bright matte red.  It applies very pigmented.  I love how easy it is to apply, it’s like a lipstick and liner in one!  It retails for $22.  I would be interested in getting more shades!


Finally, I got an angled brush from the brand Luxie Beauty.  I have TONS of Luxie brushes and they have never disappointed!  I will most likely use this for contouring or blush.  It retails for $16.

Overall, I would say that I already love this subscription box!! I can’t wait to get one every month!  Especially looking forward to the themed packaging!


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  1. Adorable packaging! 🙂

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  2. Great post. The US glossybox is so much better than UK! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really?! What did you get in yours last month?


      1. Mostly sample sized products 😦 and some beauty supplements I can’t take. Ended up unsubscribing after that. Wish boxycharm would start shipping internationally 😀

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      2. Awww that stinks! I’m sorry /: Could someone send you the box?


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